dear facebook:

I’m not getting married.

Please stop serving me ads for wedding planners, wedding dresses, florists and wedding rings.


update: helium balloons are still fun!

Ice cream cake is still delicious.

It was Mikey’s birthday yesterday, which means (1) he’s old and (2) I had an excuse to buy $20 worth of balloons and many more dollars worth of ice cream cake.
He begrudgingly admitted to me that yes, the balloons all over the house made him happy when he came home but really he was excited about sounding like a munchkin for most of the night.

pneumonia chronicles

Day 1: Really sick or being a huge baby?

Really sick. 

Spent most of the day googling mortality rates. Watched Keeping the Faith (romantic comedy with Ed Norton and Ben Stiller – think Zoolander and Primal Fear, but you know, with a girl). Watched first two episodes of 30 Rock, didn’t get the appeal. Ventured out at night on a frantic search for a new office desk, no luck. 

Day 2: My mother always told me if I’m too sick to go to school, then I’m too sick to go out after school.

Which is why I carry around a sort of Irish Catholic guilt with me and make sure whenever I miss work, I have no fun at all during my time off.

Cleaned the house with intermissions of couch rest. I found that if I stayed still, I coughed less. Watched Now and Then – rekindled my childhood crush on Devon Sawa. Did he die? 

Day 3: Feeling Better of Just the Drugs? 

Just the Drugs. 

Also, eating ice cream cake for Mikey’s birthday and winning at Scrabble helped.

Day 4: Determination

Not as much fun being sick when you don’t have the boyfriend home to make you Mickey Mouse pancakes in the morning. Ventured out to do some birthday shopping for said boyfriend. Made excellent ratatouille and vegan champagne chicken with rosemary.

Day 5: Sucking it Up

Figured if I could make dinner, I could come to work. So here I am. Going in tomorrow for another x-ray to make sure I’m healed.

selling my iMac G5 – second try


Last time it got close to the reserve, but not quite there. I took some prettier pictures and lowered the shipping cost. Wish me luck!

seriously one of the best nights ever


I’m pretty sure I can hear Jill singing.

i’m selling my iMac G5


make me have more than just one bid!!

20 cent tacos today at taco bell


this dude is psyched.